4 Easy Ways To Keep Your Pets Cool During The Summer Heat

In the summertime, it is important that you take steps to not only keep yourself cool, but to also keep your pets cool as well. Here are a few tips that will help you take better care of your pets this summer and ensure that they are cool and comfortable, no matter how hot it is outside. Dogs keep their body temperature down by panting and cats primarily through licking; both types of pets also keep their body temperature down via heat exchanges through their skin and fur.

#1 Take Your Dog Out To The Shade When Its Hot

When it is really hot outside, if your house doesn't have stellar air conditioning and air flow, it may be a better idea to take your dog outside in the shade when it is really hot outside. The shade, combined with a nice cool breeze, is often more comfortable for your dog than a stuffy apartment. The cool ground can help heat transfer and keep their bodies cool, and the breeze will also help keep their body temperature down. Just be sure to stay out of the sun and bring water and a water bowl along for your pet.

You may also want to bring a water bottle that is a mixture of water and aloe water. This can be really refreshing to spray on your dog's coat and even into their mouths on a hot day.

#2 Do Robust Exercise When Its Cool

When you engage in robust exercise with your pets, do it either early in the morning or late at night. Keep in mind that your pet's paws come in direct contact with the pavement. The pavement is often significantly hotter than the outside temperatures and can easily burn your pet's pads on their paws. When it comes to taking your pets on walks and runs during the summer, try to limit exercise to early or late in the day, when the cement is cooler, the sun is low and there is more of a breeze going on.

#3 Set Up Fans Near Your Pet's Hang-Out Area

Next, you should set up fans near your pet's hang out area. Make sure you have a fan set-up so that it blows directly onto your pet. The moving area can really help keep both your dog and cat cool. It will help move heat off of them and decrease their body temperature. Moving air is important for your dog and cat.

#4 Add Water Play To Your Day

Finally, make sure that your cat and dog have lots of access to water. Water is important for hydrating and can help keep your dog and cat cool. Water fountains and features can cool off your dog or cat. Your dog may love to play in a kiddie pool, and your cat may love to bat at water that comes from a fountain.

If you need more advice about how to keep your dog and cat cool this summer, be sure to talk to your vet like those at Peck Rock Associates, Inc. Remember, their bodies can heat up rather quickly, so it is really important to provide them with a cool environment. 

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