4 Tips For Buying The Best Treats For Your Dog

Dogs are loving and loyal companions and most dog owners want to do whatever they can to make sure that their pup is happy and healthy. So it is not surprising that dog treats are regularly purchased by many dog owners. If you own a dog, buying the right dog treats is important. Use the following tips to help ensure that you're giving your dog the best treats possible:

Where the Treats Are Made

If you want to ensure that you purchase dog treats that are good for your dog, it is best to buy treats that are made in America. U.S. companies that make dog treats typically have to follow stricter regulations than international companies. In addition to buying from U.S.-based dog treat companies, it is also important to find out where the ingredients come from and focus on dog treats where all ingredients come from the U.S. For example, if you want to buy pig ear dog treats, make sure that you know where they are coming from.


It is always a good idea to read the ingredients on a package of dog treats before buying them. If there are ingredients listed that you can't pronounce or you have no idea what they are, it probably isn't a good idea to feed them to your dog. Ideally, you should look for dog treats that have whole, natural, high-quality ingredients. Dog treats that list "chicken" as a main ingredient are often a good buy, while treats that list "meat meal" should be avoided.


When shopping for dog treats, try to find products that are as natural as possible. Things like artificial coloring, artificial preservatives, and chemical humecants that are used to keep treats chewy are not good for your dog's health. Just like a human's diet, dogs benefit from eating food and treats that are natural and nutritious.

Consider Size

It is always important to consider the size of your dog before you purchase treats. A large treat may be no problem for a German shepherd, but the same treat could pose a risk of choking for a toy poodle. Make sure you know how big a dog treat is before buying a package for your dog. You should also consider the hardness of a treat before buying -- older dogs and dogs with small mouths often need to eat treats that are soft and chewy instead of very hard treats that can be hard to chew. 

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