Tips For Caring For A Pet Leopard Gecko

Leopard geckos are lizards that live in desert environments. Many reptile-lovers enjoy keeping leopard geckos as pets in their home. With proper care, leopard geckos can thrive as pets and live for many years. If you are interested in getting a leopard gecko, continue reading to learn more about how to care for one when you bring it home.

Purchase a Terrarium 

When you bring your leopard gecko home, you will need a glass terrarium to place it in. While leopard geckos don't have sticky hands or feet that allows it to climb walls like other species of geckos, your terrarium should have a screen on top to ensure that your new leopard gecko is safe and secure while also providing ample ventilation. Place pea gravel, newspaper, artificial turf, or flat stones at the bottom of the terrarium; sand should be avoided in the terrarium, as your gecko may ingest it, which can lead to an intestinal blockage.

After placing a covering at the bottom of the terrarium, make sure to place a hide box filled with moist moss inside. The hide box is necessary so your leopard gecko will have a place to retreat and shed its skin when needed. Don't forget to replace the moss when it becomes dried out. Your leopard gecko will most likely enjoy having some plants, larger rocks, and sticks in the terrarium to climb on.


Leopard geckos are nocturnal animals who require equal amounts of light and darkness. Leopard geckos also need ample warmth that mimics the temperatures of their natural environment. It is often recommended to place a heating light on one side of the terrarium to keep the environment warm enough for your gecko. Make sure that you purchase a thermometer so you can regularly assess the temperature inside of the terrarium and make changes as needed.


If you plan to own a gecko leopard, you will need to source or purchase live insects for feeding. Leopard geckos do not eat any type of plants or vegetables—their main source of nutrition is through insects only. It is usually recommended to feed a leopard gecko crickets or mealworms.

In addition to providing live insects, you will also need to place a very shallow bowl of water in the terrarium. The water should be changed regularly and kept clean. Make sure that the water dish is very stable and can't easily be spilled. For more information about leopard geckos for sale and how to take care of them, contact a professional.

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