Four Tips To Protect Your Lawn From Your Dog

Maintaining an attractive lawn is more challenging if you own a dog, but not impossible. There are certain strategies that you can implement that will make the entire process much easier. The following are few tips that will keep your pup happy and your lawn green:

Tip #1: Water often

It's no secret that dog urine can leave behind brown spots. This is caused by the ammonia and nitrogen in the urine. Although these can actually be beneficial to the lawn in small quantities, in large quantities they will kill the grass. Female dogs tend to release more urine when they relieve themselves, which is why homes with female pups tend to end up with more dead areas. Running the sprinklers for a short period every evening helps dilute the urine, thus saving the lawn. If you go out with your dog, simply water down the spot with a hose once they are done relieving themselves.

Tip #2: Train to a spot

You can train your dog to only urinate in a certain spot. Some dog owners, particularly those with male dogs, will even purchase a lawn ornament that resembles a fire hydrant as a cute reminder of the allowed spot. Use the same method you use for any sort of training with your dog. For example, choose a command and then reward your dog with treats with they follow the command and use the right spot. Or simply lead them to the spot you want them to use and reward after they follow through.

Tip #3: Clean often

The more often you clean up, the less likely that the lawn will be damaged. Feces isn't as damaging as urine but it can mat the grass and cause yellowing. Invest in an easy to use pooper scooper, such as one with a handle mechanism that allows you to pick up the waste hands-free but quickly. If possible, pick up immediately after your dog defecates, or at least once a day so the waste doesn't sit on the lawn for too long.

Tip #4: Minimize digging

Bathroom habits aren't the only thing that can kill your lawn. Some dogs also like to dig. This is more likely to be an issue if you have a thin lawn. Set the mower height to 3 inches, as long, thick grass is harder to uproot as well as less inviting to a digging pooch. Bare areas should be sodded over immediately before your dog discovers them as a dig spot. As an added benefit, thicker, longer grass is also more resilient to long-term urine damage.

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