How To Feed Your Puppy

When you get a new puppy, you want to make sure you get them off to a great start when it comes to their health. One of your biggest areas of concern should revolve around feeding them the best food you can. This dog food guide will help educate you on feeding your puppy to ensure you are doing the best you can to keep them healthy.

Wean your puppy onto the food you want them to be on

When you first get a puppy, they will be used to eating whatever brand of food the person who had it before you was giving it. This will more than likely not be the food you want to keep them on, so you will need to switch them. If you immediately start giving them a completely different food it can irritate their stomach, giving them gas and diarrhea. Therefore, you want to mix the brand of food they have been eating with the food you want to introduce. Start out mixing it half and half and increase the amount of the new food a little more each day until they are only eating it.

Feed your puppy food that's been developed for canines in their age group

As a puppy, your new family addition should be eating puppy food. It will contain more of the things they need for healthy development, such as fats. Once your puppy is an adult, which they are considered to be at a year old, unless your veterinarian suggests otherwise due to your dog's development or breed, you want to switch them to adult dog food. The transition can be easier if you stick to the same brand and type of food. If your dog still has a someone sensitive stomach then you may want to switch them again using the same method you did when you got them.

Consider going with a high-quality grain-free food

When you get your dog, what is considered to be 'cheap' food, you will be feeding them a lot of fillers. These fillers will help take up space in the bag, but they won't do much at all when it helps to giving your dog the nutrients they need to stay healthy. When you give your dog grain free food you will be ensuring they are being given healthier ingredients. When you are reading the ingredients for a good quality dog food the first few ingredients will be things like real chicken, real turkey, or real veal. This tells you that the real food is what the food is made up of the most.

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