Dog Supplies You Should Have On Hand

If you are a dog owner then there are some things that you should consider adding to your dog supplies. When you have the right supplies to properly take care of all of your dog's needs, you will find it is easier to keep them healthy, looking great and happy. Here are some of the things you should have around your house for your dog:

A kennel: You should have a kennel in your home that is large enough for your dog to stand up in and to turn all the way around in. Train your dog to go in the kennel for short periods of time so you can put them in it if you need to have them kept in one place for any reason. You don't want to keep them in there for long periods, but as long as you have trained them to be fine in the kennel, they can actually feel comfortable in it. Using a kennel for housebreaking is also a very simple and effective way to train them to go to the bathroom outside, instead of in your house.

Dog shampoo: Even if you tend to take your dog to the groomer's for their baths and grooming needs, it's still a good idea to make sure you always have dog shampoo on hand in case your dog happens to get in something between their regular grooming appointments.

Dental tools: A lot of dog owners don't realize that they should be brushing their teeth regularly. However, the truth is that dogs are prone to getting cavities just as humans can. You want to have a canine toothbrush and canine toothpaste and make sure you use them a few times a week on your dog's teeth.

Dog bed: giving your dog their own comfortable bed to lay in is a good way for you to make sure they have a place to sleep that won't be hard on their bones, especially when they are older. When your dog has their own bed, they may also stay off of your furniture and your own bed.

Deshedding glove: When you have animal gloves for deshedding, you will find that they won't be leaving so much fur around your house to clog up your vacuum. Also, you will be able to keep their coat looking and feeling much better. The glove will be designed to feel like you are petting the dog, so they will actually like it when you use it on them.

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