Three Cool Additions To Your Saltwater Aquarium

Managing a saltwater aquarium can be a very rewarding endeavor. It's a bit more complex than owning the average pet, since you have to keep all water and salt levels in the perfect balance in order for your fish and other creatures to thrive. Many saltwater aquarium owners start simple with just a few fish and other creatures. Over time, however, you can add other features and additions to your tank to make matters more interesting. Here are three such additions you may wish to place in your saltwater aquarium once you have the basics underway.

Live Rocks

Aquarium aquacultured live rocks are not really rocks. They are actually invertebrates that look like rocks. Corals, sponges, and feather dusters are the ones you may be most familiar with. These rock-like creatures add so much beauty to your tank with their colorful formations. Some look like spiky rocks, while others are smooth with porous holes in them. Sponges and other live rocks are a great addition to your saltwater aquarium because they help keep the water clean. They continually filter the water, absorbing bacteria and algae from the water to use as a food source. Within just a few days of adding a live rock to your tank, you should notice an improvement in water color and clarity.


There are a few types of crabs that thrive in saltwater aquariums. Horseshoe crabs, emerald crabs, and Sally Lightfoot crabs are some of the best choices because they help clean the tank without causing harm to fish, your live rocks, or other tank contents. Horseshoe crabs can be about 2 inches wide and long, so make sure you have plenty of tank space. Emerald and Sally Lightfoot crabs are a little smaller, and they should be avoided if you have really tiny fish as they sometimes eat them. 


If you've seen the movie "Finding Nemo," then you are familiar with anemone. They are those bottom-dwelling creatures with the long, finger-like tentacles. They look a little like Koosh balls. Anemone, like live rocks, are filter feeders that will remove algae and other detritus from your tank. However, they have a softer, more flexible appearance, so you can include a few to offset the rigid look of your rocks.

To learn more about these saltwater aquarium additions, reach out to a company that sells fish and other creatures. They can make recommendations based on what you currently have in your tank.

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Managing a saltwater aquarium can be a very rewarding endeavor. It's a bit more complex than owning the average pet, since you have to keep all water