2 Ways To Deal With Your Dog's Tear Stains

If your dog has light-colored fur, especially if it's fine or long fur, you might notice that they have some tear staining near their eyes. This is generally a dark or rusty colored stain. It isn't usually harmful, but if it hasn't been anything you've seen before, you should take your dog in to see the vet so that you can be sure it isn't a sign of illness. The stains can be distracting to look at, and you might want to get rid of them so that all you can see is your dog's cute little face. So, how can you get rid of them?

Tear Wipes

There are wipes that are specifically designed to help clear up tears and get rid of the tear stains. When you see that your dog has these tears going on, then you can just grab one of these wipes and clean around their eyes. You can also make it part of a daily routine, which can help clean up any signs leftover from any tears that happened when you weren't around your dog. While these wipes are designed to be gentle and not harmful to your dog, you still want to be careful while you are using them near their eyes. Your dog could be nervous about having anything near their eye, and they could flinch, which could cause someone to get hurt. Make sure that you make the process as pleasant as possible by doing things like giving your dog treats when you are wiping their eyes. 

Hair Cut

You can also do to help with the tear stains to keep the fur around their eyes very short. If the fur isn't very long, the tears can't get a good hold on it. Keeping your dog's fur short also makes sure that it doesn't irritate your dog's eyes, which could cause the tears to be worse. It's a good idea to have either a groomer or someone at your vet's office trim the fur around your dog's eyes. They will have a lot more experience doing it and should be able to do it without anyone getting hurt. 

Many dogs will have tear stains at some point; it's just much more obvious when it comes to a dog with light-colored fur. If your dog is one of those dogs, you want to do what you can to eliminate the unsightly tear stains. 

Reach out to a pet tear stain remover supplier near you to learn more.

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