Three Advantages Of A Donut Dog Bed

When you shop for a bed for your dog, one style that you'll almost certainly find is a donut bed. This type of bed gets its name from its visual similarities with a donut. The bed is circular and has a raised edge. Donut dog beds are available in many different sizes, fabrics, and colors, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding one that will not only suit the size of your animal, but that will also be a good visual match in the room in which it will live. There are lots of advantages of choosing a donut dog bed for your pet, including these points.

It's Comfortable

It's impossible to look at a dog that is snuggled up in the center of a donut dog bed and not think that the animal is experiencing a high degree of comfort. The manner in which this type of bed provides an elevated padded ring around the perimeter will provide support and comfort for your dog. Many dogs enjoy having some type of back support when they sleep. For example, a dog that sleeps on the couch will often position itself so that its back is pressed against the back or arm of the couch. With a donut dog bed, the dog will have support against its body however it sleeps. Donut dog beds are plush, rather than firm, which many dogs enjoy, too.

It Prevents Awkward Positions

Some dogs can sleep awkwardly on their beds. For example, a dog that uses a standard cushion-style bed may occasionally sleep with half its body on the bed and the other half on the floor. While this position can look amusing, you might worry about the long-term effect that sleeping awkwardly could have on your dog's back. With a donut bed, the outer ring will keep the dog entirely in the bed while it sleeps, thus preventing awkward positions that could lead to discomfort.

It May Prevent Messes On The Floor

Dogs can sometimes vomit on their beds, perhaps as a result of eating something that they shouldn't have. If your dog were to throw up on a bed without sides, the mess could run off the edge of the bed and onto your floor. This would especially be a concern with a carpeted floor. The raised edge of a donut bed will contain the mess in most cases. Upon noticing the mess, you can simply remove the bed's cover and wash it. To learn more, contact a company like Pampered Paws.

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